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This OWoD revised campaign is set in a dark Gothic punk world of Vancouver, Canada. The Elders of the Camarilla have a firm grip on the city, carved out over a hundred years with the blood and tears of the young. While the Neonates are the soul of the city, the Elders lust for power and manipulate for control. It is a struggle to survive against those of the power hungry and evil emerging. Among the Werewolf tribes that surround the city, waiting for anyone foolish enough to cross into their lands. Among the Mages who care only for their agenda and the Hunters who lurk watching. Among the Sabbat vigilant and ever present there are a hundred ways to die in this maze of darkness and despair. This is a Sheeted/dice moderated IRC game. For more information go to #Descending_Hell on the Darkmyst server to speak with and ST. For our Wikia including character pages and more go to http://burningbridge.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page Or you can contact us on descending.subs@gmail.com

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If you are having trouble finding us or simply want more information you can email us at descending.subs@gmail.com

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Descent From Eden

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