Sabbat House Rules

These are the house rules for the Sabbat in Descent From Eden. It is mandatory to read before Character creation!

*Sorry but due to Operating system issues we can only except Text based or Character Generators! Thank you for your effort. We appreciate it.

*Rule No. 1: ST have the final call, it is our job to make sure things remain balanced, fair and realistic.

*There will be no decease infected Malkavians or those that are so crazy they can not be controlled or can not be play in a general scene.

*The Sabbat are a newly established on Vancouver Island so no starting characters with local Influence.

*As this is a mixed genre game characters need to fit in the setting. STs will help you.

*The Sabbat packs here will be influences by the Inquisition.

*No characters to start bellow 9th Generation.

*No Background of Age.

*Humanity is important so be careful, paths are restricted to ST approval.

*No Min Maxing

*Absolutely no starting values at 5. We take pride in growth in and encourage our players to do the same. (Appearance and Intelligence are negotiable).

*Resources are restricted to a Maximum of 3. Unless there is a back story.

  • No starting Abilities or Disciplines above 3 unless there is a good reason.

*All Weapons purchased in game and in character creation needs to be approved by an ST.

*Secondary Attributes will cost the same as normal Abilities during character creation. But any Secondary cant be higher that it’s primary counterpart. For example Swimming 2 will have to be accompanied by Athletics 3.

  • Merits and Flaws have a 7 point limit. Any more needs to be approved by an ST approval. All Merits/Flaws must be explained.

*No Character will be approved below legal age. No Child Characters. 17 years old will be pushing it for us, for personal and legal reasons. STs reserve the right to say no to a character concept that we feel wont fit this game.

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Sabbat House Rules

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