House Rules
The Following requirements must be met in order to submit a Demon character in Descent form Eden.

You must create a Vampire, Ghoul, or Mortal and play for a month in the channel before a Deomn character will be considered. There are two reasons behind this. 1. To gauge the rp of the individual, Demons are powerful characters and can be easily abused. 2. To see if the player will invest in the game. The Demon side of Descent is a small side, and the storylines will be harmed if people create a character, then vanish without a word never to return.

At least a grasp of the mechanics of Demon. One doesn’t have to be an expert at the game, but it would be nice for them to have some experience with Demon mechanics.

Having had the chains of the abyss weaken, and then break, the few Fallen of Vancouver and the surrounding area find the paradise they gave man, has slipped to a shell of its former self. The Infernal Court is starting to rise out of the rubble of the disgraced world, a Tyrant sits upon the throne, and the Fallen scramble to erect their defenses against an unfamiliar world. Yet here, they find faith, that all important quality of man, abound, with the Mortals desperately wanting something to believe in again, the Fallen have crept into the night to begin their harvest.

The Namaru, Esmardel, claimed his position as Tyrant without contest, and now has begun to cultivate his growing influence in the world. Having named a former Baroness of the Crimsone Legion as his second, she lurks through the streets keeping tabs on the denizens of Vancouver, wether they be mortal… or something more.

They’ve returned, and the world has begun to shape them, just as much as they shape it. With the torments of their imprisonment coloring their actions, for better or for worse, the Demonic legions sweep out to claim what they can of the crumbling ruins of Paradise, and those that dwell within it.

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