Descent From Eden

Primagen Angel and Keeper Mesha

Tom, Angel,Mesha

Session Start: Sat Apr 09 02:51:50 2011

<fred> || meets and escorts Angel to the office she is very polite and helpful ||
  • Angel` nods and makes her way through the club following the escort and heads in bowing her head slightly as she steped in “Keeper Trax”
  • @Mesha`Trax stands with a warm smiles.." Primogen Angel… please come in "
<angel`> thank you for seeing me on short notice. :she steps in and moves closer to her" <fred> || closes the door after Angel enter to give them privets || <@mesha`trax> " any time .. you know my doors are always open to you" <@mesha`trax> “please ..have a seat.. i guess this is business” <angel`> unfortunately more so a complaint. :she takes a seat:
  • @Mesha`Trax sits back at the desk ..“Complaint… one of my ghouls?”
<angel`> no.. your clan mate Mr Parker <@mesha`trax> “tom”
  • @Mesha`Trax nods " what did he do?"

<angel`> i do believe that is what he called himself

<@angel`> I was called into a very delicate situation. One i will not speak of so please dont ask. When I arrived with my Apprentice Ashley I was just starting to deal with the situation at a private residence, he just walks in. No permission. <@angel`> when my ghoul Rajka spun around and pointed her gun in his face he didnt think to realize this was a sensitive situation. He pretended like it was his right to be there. When i asked him who he was and what was he doing he ignored me and talked to the woman who had apparently invited him.
  • @Mesha`Trax nods …“i will ave a few words with him.. and I do apologize for this disrespect Madam Promagen.. and He will be dealt with”
<@angel`> Im not done yet, my apologizes. It was upon asking him a second time that he eventually informed me that He was Tom Parker of the Toreador and that he was there for his only friend in the city so he is there. When i informed him i was Regent and Primogen his reaction was… infuriating at best. He informed me he didn’t really care but he was still here with his friend.
  • @Mesha`Trax sits quietly,, kind of shaking her head
<@angel`> the woman i was there to help commented that this between us was not necessary when i pointed out Mr Parkers lack of etiquette and He agreed that my comments where not…
  • @Mesha`Trax nods gritting her teeth slightly
<@angel`> if i wasn’t dealing with a delicate situation Keeper i would have had my men physically remove him with out warning. He did not seem phased by my growing annoyance with him to the point of ignoring my peoples outrage, I asked him to leave and he did not until Rajka told him if he did not she would remove him. <@mesha`trax> “i will not ask,but can you tell me if his”Friend is another kindred?" <@angel`> No, it is best if you do know know what she is. Howerver much to my dismay Mr Parker will be endangering himself by insisting on involvement… If he prys into me side of the task i will have him staked until I am done.
  • @Mesha`Trax nods " I understand,,"
<@angel`> normally i would tell you more but this is a delicate and very dangerous situation I know you would wish you or you girls had nothing to do with
  • @Mesha`Trax smiles and nods " i am not one to pry .. i will consider this Tremere Clan buisness and I will speak to Mr. Parker"
<@angel`> Thank you Keeper. He should understand it is not healthy to exhibit such behaviors
  • @Mesha`Trax nods "i will make that clear to him… thank you for bringing this to my
    attention.. I will not have my clan mates disrespecting others
<@angel`> I would appreciate it, i would hate to have bad blood between our clans
  • @Mesha`Trax sighs .." I’m dedicated to keeping open channels between are clans open.. So trust he will understand "
<@angel`> I appreciate that Keeper and i will keep his actions as an isolated incident that has no bearing on our continuing relationship
  • @Mesha`Trax nods softly " thank you Primogen "
<@angel`> Thank you for your time
  • @Mesha`Trax smiles warmly " any time you have a problem with my clan-mates or if I can help in other maters please call.or stop by and see me
<@angel`> of course.. thank you. That offer is extended to yourself
  • @Mesha`Trax nods with a smile… as she stands..“I am sorry this has taken up your time.I will handel Mr.Parker.”
  • @Angel` stands “I am sure, you have a good evening Keeper Trax”
  • @Mesha`Trax nods with a smile
  • @Angel` turns and leaves “have a good evening”
<@mesha`trax> " you have a good evening as well "

<@mesha`trax> Sit at her desk and closes her eyes and she Summon’s Tom to her( 2 successes )
Session Close: Sat Apr 09 03:45:28 2011



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