Descent From Eden

Keeper Mesha and Tom

Session Start: Tue Apr 12 18:22:55 2011

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  • Topic is ’4Club Trax is a Kindred only Bar owned by Mesha Trax. One way mirrored glass provides privacy form the mortals below. The decor is relaxed with earth tones & soft lighting. There are couches, tables and a few stales for privacy. Exits to 7#Burning_VelvetUnderground

[18:23] <tom> (( she really “summon” him or just asked him to come by))
01[18:24] <@mesha`trax> << no she summoned him (Presence 4 (2 Success))) .. and it was a playful>>

  • Tom happened over by the club.. walking on in.. giving fred a smile and even a hug upon seeing the woman..
    <fred> || nods at tom like she kind of expected him to show up… she leads him to the area Where Mesha does most of her meets she unlocks the door and lets him in ||
  • @Mesha`trax sits at a small bar she has a bottle of beer ( bud light) in the bar infront of her … there are two other people in the room each sitting in a chair but don’t more when the door opens
  • Tom walked on in.. he smiled at her.. walking on over to well.. stand in front of her since both sides were taken.. "hey.. " he said
  • @Mesha`trax looks up toward him and shakes her head.." are you camarilla? Independent?. Anarch?"
  • Tom blinked.. taking back by this formality.. "you know i’m a member of the white tower.. " he said… looking at her..
    <fred> || stands just inside the door she is fiddling with a smart phone ||
  • @Mesha`trax nods .." and I guess then your sire thought you who and want a Primagen is?"
  • Tom was graceful enough about it.. "yes.. she did… " he told her… “If i may ask the Keeper.. is this about Primogen of the Tremere?”
  • @Mesha`trax nods.." tell me what happen.. in that apartment"
  • @Mesha`trax picks up the bottle and take a drink..
  • Tom nodded.. "upon entering the apartment an individual asked my identity.. after i didn’t immediately obey they demanded and I stated that I was simply there to help my friend.. " he continued.. "after that they identified themselves and primogen angel and demanded my obedience.. i told the primogen my name and clan and the primogen took offense i didn’t obey sooner.. " he told her..
  • Tom continued.. "keeper.. i beg your pardon.. but I am a follower of the masquerade.. " he said
    <@mesha`trax> " what happen after you know her status?"
  • Tom added.. “i simply do not give my true identity to anyone who asks.. especially with humans.. or what i thought was a human present.. I had no idea the individual was a primogen.. but to err on the side of caution i thought more prudent”
  • Tom looked at her.. "The primogen asked me to leave.. I hesitated a moment to look at the person i was there for.. simply to see if she was ok.. but then as the primogens clanmates and ghoul moved to make me leave.. i left on my own to cause no trouble.. " he added
  • Mesha`trax nods ..." I will tell you .. she can to me... and told me the story.. very close to what you have told me.. I am not much for polatics .. but I would never question a Primagen... not even to looks at a human.... you would chose a human of a Kindred Primagen?"''''' &lt;mesha`trax> “she told me the ghoul with her that night .. and you are lucky to be standing here with me… that ghouls is more then likely stronger then most tremere in this city.. and she take her Primagens word as Law.. she is dangerous.. you are luck tom.. over a Human? is she yours?.. a ghouls ? a doll?”
  • Tom looked at her.. "no.. of course not.. " he said.. "but the Keeper should know I have next to no allies in the city.. " he told her.. "it was just a glance.. but I apologize.. it will not happen again.. " he told her
  • @Mesha`trax nods.." she is doing me a favor and not taken this to Primagen Watson. She is protecting this “Human”.. and I will ask.. not demand tat you stay clear of her . i beleave the tremere have her in hiding. She has the right if you interfere or give her grief to stake you and turn you over the Primagen Waston"
  • Tom nodded.. "I do not wish the presence of Primogen Angel to ever be my pleasure.. " he said… "you may understand your request is understood and will be obeyed… " he said..
  • Tom stood straight.. “Is there anything else Lady Keeper?” he asked
  • @Mesha`trax sighs .." no there is nothing else Tom.. you may leave"
  • Tom nodded.. and with that he formally bowed.. and departed
    <fred> || bows and lets him out ||
  • Tom (root@ has left #Burning_Trax
    ] * Mesha`trax is now known as rajka
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